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St. John's provides support in a caring environment for young adolescents at risk of dropping out of the school system

St.John's provides a parent support programme including a drop-in centre for parents


Mission Statement

 "Believing that everyone is made in the image and likeness of God, St. John's Education Centre hopes to help students respond positively to the opportunities of education and life".



History of St. John's 

Aware of the need to respond to the increasing needs of students, and in response to staff requests for help in a changing environment, Holy Faith and De La Salle Congregations, both with a rich tradition in Education, set up a consultative group and subsequently established St. John's in 1999.


Model for Centre

The Centre is based on a project in the Zacchaeus Centre in Birmingham (a similar project in the Bartamaeus Centre operated in Liverpool).  These cater for students in Catholic schools who are in danger of being excluded because of behavioural problems.  When designing the programme for St. John's, some aspects of these programmes were included.

"I have come in order that you may have life, life in all its fullness." (John 10:10)



Believing that everyone is made in the image and likeness of God.  St. John's Centre hopes to help students respond positively to the opportunities of Education and Life.



How St. John's Developed

  • The Centre was officially opened by An Taoiseach, Mr. Bertie Ahern, T.D. on Monday 2nd December 2002. This opening was attended by Principals from Dublin schools, the leaders of the two congregations, management bodies, and local Public Representatives.
  • In 2002 a management committee was put in place.
  • A meeting was held for Principals of Holy Faith and De La Salle Schools in December 2000.
  • Psychological Assessment was offered to schools in the Network in January 2001.
  • Extensive renovation of the building took place throughout 2001.
  • A Psychotherapist was employed September 2001.
  • Holy Faith and De La Salle schools were visited and briefed during 2000/2001
  • Counselling services were provided for the network schools.
  • The first Class/Programme began April 2002 with 5 second level students.
  • Programmes continue to date and the network of schools has increased from the initial 23 (primary and secondary) to over 40 second level schools.
  • Parent Support Programme


Aims for St. John's

We aim to:

  • Target students "at risk" (in danger of exclusion or of dropping out of the system)
  • Support students with their parents and their schools so that they may remain in the school and benefit from what is being offered.
  • Give the students a time out period from school while offering an opportunity to experience themselves differently.
  • Provide a safe environment for students to look at the issues which are causing them problems at school and help them face the reality of their own misbehaviours.
  • Provide extensive and in depth counselling.
  • Consult with and advise the school in preparation for the return of the student to mainstream school.
  • Follow up with support for the student and the school after the return of the student to his or her school. This is provided through counselling or visits from St. John's liaison officer. Support the parents/guardians of those students who attend the programme.
  • Provide parent education and support services including a drop-in centre for parents.


Holy Faith Sisters ~ Irish Region



St. John's Education Centre

Child Safeguarding Statement (2018)


The Document is available for download in PDF format clicking HERE.


Anti-Bullying Policy available upon request at St. John's Centre Office.


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